Monday, February 2, 2009

THE END... well kinda

Saturday the 31st of January had to be one of our busiest days since starting our latest project. We worked a solid 13 hours without stopping (except for lunch) just to be able to share some photos to our fanatical readers... yes this means you can stop calling asking if we are done and if we can send you pictures. Actually, we really didn't do it for that reason we did it because we received our new sectional that we were anxious to sit on and see if it worked well in the room.

Me: Hello
C&B: Yes Mr. Cochran we will be delivering your new couch on Saturday between 8-11 in the morning will someone be there.
Me: Yes that will work.

The Delivery: 7AM
Randi: What is that noise are they here?
Me: No, it is only 7am and we still have painting to do.
Randi: Are you sure about that I think a big truck is out front.
Me: *looks up from bed* Uh... yeah they are here
Driver: Sorry we are here so early there was no traffic.
Me to myself: Dude it is 7am on sat morning... it could be anytime on saturday and there would be no traffic...
Me to driver: YAWN!! come on in

And here is the result of a month of waiting... too much money and not enough time... I present to you two lovely pieces of furniture that we won't sit on for 13 more hours (we at least unwrapped them 12 hours later)!!
Saturday.. all day: we had a lot of work a head of us before we wanted to open our new furniture. We are grateful that the floors are done and we didn't have to worry about them on delivery day but we still had trim to paint and install. With a lovely early wake up call we got right to work. We painted like crazy and I cut and installed the remaining baseboards. By the way for those that read the last post about Randi not really helping a whole lot when it comes to projects... well we should give her a big round of applause because she did pretty much all the trim painting, the first coat of green, and what she calls construction management.. I prefer the term yelling at me to do what she wants. She was a really big help and without her this project would look like our laundry room (more on that later) thanks Randi. So without any more intro i introduce our new sunroom... we are still in awe over how awesome it looks and feels. Enjoy and please feel free to comment we enjoy them.

Oh yeah she vacuums really well too.


zrcochran said...

Wow! The rooms looks awesome guys! I love the color and the trim. Although I have one question. Where on earth did you get a hose that long for your vacuum?

Lewis Family said...

I lovelovelove the color! What is it? I want a green for my kitchen, and that would be perfect. Tell me it wasn't expensive, please.

zrcochran said... that a wide angle lens your using to take these photos?

randi cochran said...

The color is Happy Camper by Behr you can get it at any Home Depot. I don't think it was expensive. Probably under 20 for a gallon

Blogger-In-Chief said...

Holy crap, that looks awesome... Nice work