Saturday, February 7, 2009

Additional Images

I was able to upload some additional images of our sun room. I understand that this might be old news but we are still very excited and thought people might like to see some more images. Our TV (which will get hung on the wall and the stand sold in case anyone was wondering why such an eyesore is in the room, also something will go back under the TV and be a lot nicer looking) is in these photos and better images of the glass block that we re-grouted. Enjoy. 

There are 5 can lights in the room which we thought were awful looking.  We went out an priced new ones but decided to save a little money and hang onto them for the time being. In the process of painting the ceiling i got paint on them. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately I didn't wipe the paint off right away (I did not realize i had done this). Well one can not leave paint where paint is not wanted so I proceeded to clean it off. A little steel wool, razor blade and some elbow grease and we have shiny new looking lights. We really like them now and have decided to keep them (saves us a lot of money). So here they are all sparkly.

A little bit of blue tape still on the walls this was taken before final completion. I think it shows  the grout work we did really well.

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The Newhard kids said...

i love what you did!!!! can't wait to see it in person!