Thursday, September 10, 2009

Saarinen Dining Table

Many of you are aware that we bought a new dining table as a result of redoing our floors. We went with the Eero Saarinen dining table with marble top. This table required white glove delivery which is a $400 service, don't freak out we got free delivery. When the delivery guys showed up I greeted them and they didn't have their white gloves on yet, no biggie they were in the truck right? Wrong they installed the whole thing in about two minutes and i didn't see any white gloves. The table is amazing in the room and fits just right. It seems small but that is because the finish is so well done that it reflects everything perfectly making the table disappear in the space. The first picture shows this really well, "where did the table go"! We do not have dining chairs yet but we do know what we want, they just need to go on sale again. Enjoy, we do!

*yes these are the new floors, better pics to come as soon as we can see it again!! *
** stay tuned for kitchen updates soon, tiles are in and the cabinets will be installed soon**


zrcochran said...

Wow! At first I thought you had gotten a glass-top table because it looks like the table is invisible! How heavy is that thing anyways?

Blogger-In-Chief said...

Nice, looks great in the new room!


Tiffani said...

I thought the same thing Zane! I was all prepared to make a comment regarding the love of getting little fingerprints off glass!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing tables!! Check out more collections from

Rodney said...

How's that Saarinen Table doing? You got those base boards in yet?