Monday, June 22, 2009

"Operation Baby's Room"

We bought new hardwood flooring for the living room a few weeks ago. This saturday I decided was time to begin tearing up the old floor. Many people who have visited our home have questioned the need to do this, as the floors didn't look that bad despite the color and some large black stains. Well little did they know that while the floors on top were ok it was what was under them that scared us. Take a look:
Doesn't look so bad huh! I think these will stay.

Hmmmm, doesn't look like these are going to stay, as a matter of fact i know the subflooring here is completely coming out. This is the trouble area in the room. Since we moved in our dining room has had "soft" spots that scared visitors and Randi. Something about falling through... blah blah blah. So i wouldn't fall through i had a piece of plywood i would sit on.

This room is unique as half of it is technically out side the foundation of the house. I am standing on the load bearing wall of the basement here, tricky footing.

And finally the surprise... tah dah!!! Here is where the baby will stay. We think this is a perfect location, and we get to keep the guest bedroom for guest... come one come all! This room is located next to the kitchen so we can just throw scarps down to the baby. also because it is fully contained their is no way of escape. finally the dirt floor we think will help us save money on diapers... poop all you want its dirt! * For those that don't know me i am kidding... Randi is actually moving down here.
And here is the dining room without a subfloor. I think the value of the house just tripled, we are getting good at this renovation thing. Stay tuned more to come in the following weeks.


zrcochran said...

Nice! I'm glad that when I finally get around to visiting again that I'll still be able sleep in a nice room while your kid is confined to the nether regions of your basement.

Blogger-In-Chief said...

Holy crap! You are going to put down new flooring right? This isn't some hokey new minimilist design fad where you just walk on floor joists is it? Good luck.

Blogger-In-Chief said...

Hey, don't what what you did, but I can blow up the first pic, but not the others. Please fix this immediately, or you will be confined to the baby's room.

Brooke Rane said...

still laughing as i write this...i think you should build a trap door there in the dining room so that when we are playing monopoly and peter keeps winning, we can just give each other the signal and push the button and down he goes!! into the great pit.

Angola Branch said...

i wish we were visiting now...didn't know you had the perfect place for the kids to stay...darn!