Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Built In"

Well a simple saturday project has finally come to an end. We were only suppose to clean up and repaint the old built in book shelf making the project short and only to take on saturday. Turns out it didn't want to cooperate and we ended up tearing it out and had a huge hole in the wall for about two months now. slowly we did a little here and there and finally being tired of the mess finished building a new book shelf. we are excited and ready to get all of our books off the floor. Randi is in the process of painting it.

The idea is that the book shelf be a continuation of the wall. We borrowed a planer and created a 1 1/2" boarder with 3/4" shelves that are all flush. It is really clean due to the shleves being placed into a dato. Let's see if Randi can make it nice with a little paint.


Angola Branch said...
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Angola Branch said...

wow! i really love it. i wish that we could do something like that here. nice job!