Monday, January 5, 2009

A MESS... that has a happy ending

As many of you who have read this blog recently have seen we bought some new wood floors. We decided that the previous owner must have been blind when they picked the color of the laminate faux wood they installed. We also felt that of all the rooms in our house, this one would probably be the best pick to try something a little different. We purchased 8" eastern white pine flooring. Well here is our story of installing for the first time in my life real wood floors or any kind of flooring for that matter. This might be a long post so bear with me, i guarantee at least one laugh. 
DAY 1:

Removal of old flooring was a breeze. it came up in all of about 20 minutes with no problems. You can see from the photo how not so nice the color is. The rest of the downstairs is a dark brown so why red was picked is beyond me.


As with the previous floor these laminate glue down tiles came up pretty easily. The removal involved tools so it took probably 1 hour to remove... some might argue that bigger tools would have reduced time but i am not so sure. 


Thinking that removing the tiles would give us a nice solid subfloor we were soon shown that old homes probably do not have solid anything. Whoever laid the previous floor decided that they would build a subfloor with 1" x 2" wood sticks that were rotted out with a layer of OSB and Plywood mix... 90% of which was also rotted out. This was the most time consuming part of my day. I could not pull up the pieces of plywood as all they would do is crumble. I had to cut between the studs with a circular saw and then pry up everything else connected to the floor. This portion of the job did not get completed on day one.
DAY 2:
More demo was required as the task was too time consuming for one day. We ended up borrowing a truck and buying 7 sheets of OSB to re-lay as sub-floor. Little did we know that what we thought was sub-flooring was not. It took all of day two to continue to demo the sub-floor. I soon realized that day 2 was soon gone and i still had more demo to do on day 3 as well as another trip to the hardware store for another round of OSB.

More to come of this crazy event so stay tuned... blogger is acting up so i am going to try another post.



mentie said...

No picture of Justin falling through the floor?????

Brooke Rane said...

i know! i was hoping for a re-enactment of the foot falling thru the floor! seriously though, it's going to look amazing when you guys are done...

Tiffani said...

Are you going for sweet or sour on that pickling? I don't really like either, but just wondered what you thought?

zrcochran said...

You know if you need anyone to take that old flooring of your hands...