Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boiler Removal

we were so excited to buy a house that we volunteered to remove the old boiler from the basement of our house. this one might think would be an easy task after all it was only about 4'x3'x5'... not that big. so one day while brig was in town i suggested we take it out of the basement. this stupid idea started the feat of removing the beast from the basement. we started small thinking we could just break it up but that didn't work out too well. we then started to see bolts and were excited thinking if we remove the bolts it would come apart and we would be done in an hour or so. well if the bolts came out as planned we wouldn't have spent 7 hours removing the boiler. turns out we had to cut most of the bolts in half and then pry them out of their holes hoping they would give. once we discovered the method of removing the boiler things sped up. we estimate that the boiler is about 1000 pounds of cast iron. we had it disassembled but now we had to remove it. being the nice brother that i am and tired of listening to brig complain about a broken finger nail, i picked the boiler up and took it out in one piece. i probably saved us another 10 hours of work. after a dirty 7 hours of work and a nice shower, we thought it would be nice to take brig out for dinner to thank him. unfortunately we ended up at a place that cooked the hamburgers way to long but in the end i think the day was really productive. thanks for the help brig and for future reference guest are welcomed anytime... the next task is the oil tank!!


zrcochran said...

With all the rust you must have inhaled, it wouldn't surprise me if you guys came down with a case of "the black lung"

justin said...

what are you talking about, those were top of the line dust mask we used. i wouldn't be surprised if they blogged only 1/4 of the crap that was in the air!!

David & Kishele said...

I had no idea you were so buff you are pumping 1000 pounds. Good job bro!